In addition to ISO 9000/2008, we are duly certified by national and international market requirements for the purchase, manufacture, and sale of controlled products.   
   Registration Title - TR
   Strategic Defense Company
   ISO 9001:2008 DQS/IQNet Certification
   AS9100C EN9100:2009 and JISQ 9100:2009 Certifications
   RETEx Certification - Brazil
   H.P. White Certification - United States
   Beschussamt Mellrichstadt Certification - Germany


Fundamentally, the classification of a product controlled by the Army comprises the existence of destructive power or other risky property that indicates the need for its use to be restricted to legally qualified individuals and legal entities, technically, morally, and psychologically trained to ensure the safety of a society and country. BCA BALLISTIC PROTECTION was granted with the Registration Title that enables the company to manufacture, transport, and market controlled products.

NBR 15.000

Marketing, development, manufacturing, technical assistance, and industrialization of products in composite materials, personal ballistic protection, vehicles, vessels, and aircraft for the aeronautics, space, and defense sectors.


BCA is certified by the Brazilian Federal Government as a “Strategic Defense Company - EED”, supported by Law 12598/2012. This certification is granted to companies that invest in technological and industrial development and promote local content in goods and services demanded by the country’s defense sector.

For obtaining this certification, the company is required to have majority national control among shareholders, Brazilian domain of technology, and commitment to maintaining the manufacturing line in the country. Another rule to be met is that the company must manufacture or is currently manufacturing “Strategic Defense Products - EDP”, items thatare of strategic interest for national defensedue to technological content, the difficulty of obtaining them, or because they are essential.


Ballistic panels sold are tested and approved by the Brazilian Army. After the test, the Army issues an Experimental Technical Report (ReTEx) stating whether the material has been approved or not. Manufacturers can only sell products to registered armoring companies and they can only use materials that have been approved by the ReTEx.

The entire production is controlled. Manufacturers have to inform the number of materials produced and to whom they were sold. In turn, armoring companies report the number of vehicles that received protection and the levels of each one in turn.

ISO 9001/2015 - Quality Management System

It establishes requirements that help toimprove internal processes, employee training, monitor the work environment, verify the satisfaction of customers, employees, and suppliers, in a continuous improvement process of the quality management system. It applies to materials, products, processes, and services.

RAW MATERIAL - BCA conducts rigorous tests on all raw material received so that its application meets the standards required by the security market.

MANUFACTURING PROCESS - The pressure and temperature are controlled electronically ensuring high performance and flexibility of ballistic panels.

PRODUCT VALIDATION - 100% of batches manufactured are tested in a ballistic tunnel, ensuring compliance with armoring levels.

INSPECTION AND CERTIFICATION - The inspection team conducts inspection and issues the BCA BALLISTIC PROTECTION Certificate and Seal, which guarantee the origin of the product applied to the vehicle by the armoring company.

H.P. White - United States

H.P. White Laboratory, Inc, was founded in 1936 and conducts ballistics testing and research. Ballistic tests are considered one of the most reliable in the world.

Beschussamt Mellrichstadt - Germany

BCA ballistic panels have received the Beschussamt Mellrichstadt certification, the most important international certificate of ballistic quality in the armoring sector.